Perth Scaffolding Project with Newtown Roofing Contracts

Perth Scaffolding Project with Newtown Roofing

AMF Access Services is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Newtown Roofing Contracts to undertake a significant roofing endeavour at Millburn Court retirement home in the historic city of Perth in Scotland. Our Perth scaffolding project with Newtown Roofing marks a significant milestone for us. As it represents not only our largest collaboration with Newtown Roofing to date. But also a testament to our growing expertise and capacity in handling large-scale commercial scaffolding projects.

Months of Meticulous Planning

The journey to this scaffold project began over two months ago, through meticulous planning and coordination with our partners Newtown Roofing. By understanding the complexity and scale of re-roofing Millburn Court, we have invested in new materials specifically designed for this scaffolding project. These materials are scheduled for delivery well in advance of the commencement date, ensuring that we are fully prepared to meet the project’s demands and scale head-on.

Dedicated to Efficiency and Safety

In a bid to maximise efficiency and adhere to the project’s tight schedule, the AMF team is committed to staying locally in hotels, ensuring that our presence on-site is maximised. This approach not only demonstrates our dedication to the project’s success but also our commitment to health & safety. By being on-site, we can swiftly address any challenges that arise and ensure that the commercial scaffolding towers are erected proficiently. While providing a secure and efficient workspace for the Newtown Roofing team to carry out these essential re-roofing works on the building which will remain inhabited throughout the entire duration of the project.

Large Scale Scaffolding Projects

This project is set to be a showcase of our commercial scaffolding capabilities, with nearly 3000 sqm of scaffold to be supplied throughout the campaign. The inclusion of staircases and loading bays will further facilitate safe and easy access to all work areas, ensuring that the roofing team can progress efficiently and safely according to the planned re-roofing schedule.

Engaging Our Community

Recognising the significance of this project, AMF Access Services plans to keep our clients, partners, and the broader community updated with periodic progress reports. Through the use of drone footage, we aim to provide a unique perspective on the scaffolding project’s development. Highlighting the scale of work and the seamless integration of our scaffolding solutions. This project will undoubtedly feature prominently on our projects page here on our website. Serving as a testament to our capabilities and achievements.

Growth and Future Aspirations

This large commercial scaffolding project in Scotland not only signifies a landmark achievement for our team at AMF Access Services in terms of scale and collaboration. But also reflects the remarkable growth we have experienced in a relatively short period of time. Running concurrently with two other major projects in central Edinburgh, it underscores our expanding footprint in the commercial scaffolding and access services industry.

We look forward to sharing more news on upcoming projects and further demonstrating our commitment to excellence in commercial scaffolding services in Central Scotland.

Our Perth Scaffolding Project with Newtown Roofing Contracts

The Millburn Court scaffolding project demonstrates AMF Access Services’ commitment to growth, excellence, and the communities we serve. We are proud to embark on this journey with Newtown Roofing Contracts and eagerly anticipate the successful completion of this monumental project in Perth, Scotland.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress, and thank you for your continued support.

If you’d like to discuss a scaffolding project with our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re regularly looking to collaborate with aligned contractors and partners in Edinburgh and throughout Central Scotland.

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