Four Tips to Prepare for Residential Scaffolding

Five Tips to Prepare for Residential Scaffolding Blog (1)

You’ve found your contractor, and you’ve got the start date of your project. What next? Here are four tips to prepare for residential scaffolding to ensure your build or renovation gets off to a smooth start.

How to Prepare for Residential Scaffolding

Clear Pathways for Safe Access

When scaffolding is being installed it’s important to ensure your scaffolding company has easy access to the area where they’ll be working. Not only ensuring the health and safety of our workers but also keeping your project running efficiently. Before we embark on a new project we do carry out a thorough risk assessment of the site. However, there are some things that you can do to help us when on the job. Removing things like bikes and toys from paths and walkways. As well as keeping animals indoors while scaffolding is being installed will reduce obstacles for our hardworking team.

Remove Garden Furniture

We aim to leave as light a footprint as possible when carrying out a residential scaffolding project. Therefore we ask that ahead of our arrival on site you remove any garden furniture and other items that can be moved away from the areas our team will be working. This will not only minimise the work of our team in clearing the decks. But ensures that no accidental damage to your belongings occurs while installing your scaffolding.

Protect Plants and Pots

Likewise, for any potted plants that you may have within the area, we’ll be working. We recommend moving these to a part of your garden where they won’t be disrupted by our scaffolding. Or your building contractor during the duration of the project.

Speak to Your Neighbours

One of the greatest obstacles we’re often faced with when taking on a new project is dealing with neighbours. Therefore we kindly ask that you pre-warn your neighbours of any work that we’ll be carrying out on your behalf. As well as informing them of the dates they can expect the work to start and end. We’ve found that minimising the level of surprise makes working conditions much easier for our scaffolding team who are on site. We’ll always do our best to minimise disruption to surrounding homes while working to keep the project on track.

Preparing for Your Scaffolding Project

We hope you’ve found some value in this post and that your project gets off to a smooth start. Our experienced team offer residential scaffolding in Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland. If you’d like to discuss our services and arrange a free quote then contact us. We’d be happy to assist you with your next project.