Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

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AMF Access Services is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment with appropriate safeguards. 

The Company strictly prohibits the possession, storage or consumption of alcohol, illegal substances and/or drugs at work unless medically prescribed and used in accordance with such prescription. 

The Company will act, as far as it is reasonably practicable, to prevent any substance abuse which increases the potential for accidents, ill health, absenteeism, sub-standard performance or which would otherwise adversely affect its employees or other persons. 

This policy applies to all individuals working for or on behalf of the Company, including sub-contractors and relevant third parties (other persons) whilst working or engaged with activities on our behalf. 


  • To prevent the possession, storage or consumption of alcohol, illegal substances and/or drugs at work.
  • To ensure the safety of individuals is not compromised by the actions of others that are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • To ensure that all persons are aware of the expectations and standards towards the consumption of drugs and alcohol at work.
  • To ensure that anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is treated in a fair and consistent manner.
  • To ensure that anyone who advises their Manager that they have a drug or alcohol related problem is given the necessary advice and support along with agreeing an agreed course of treatment.
  • To ensure all persons inform their Manager if they are taking any medication (prescription or otherwise).
  • To ensure an appropriate screening and testing process is implemented for drugs and/or alcohol as necessary.
  • Where applicable, aligning to the requirements of our Clients by enforcing a more stringent policy.
  • To encourage a safe and healthy working environment for our people.


The Company recognises that substance abuse can be a serious medical condition.

  • The business will provide employees with appropriate and reasonable assistance to obtain the necessary treatment if advised voluntarily by the employee. In all cases, this will be dealt with in strict confidence, subject to the requirements of the law.
  • We will provide appropriate guidance and information to employees relating to substance abuse and policy expectations.
  • The Company will apply this policy in conjunction with the Drugs and Alcohol standards, which define the testing and confirmation methods used within the Company for drugs and alcohol and the standard testing parameters.
  • No employees of the Company (and other persons as defined above) shall abuse substances, be above specified alcohol limits, supply others with, or be in possession of any substance (other than prescription drugs and ‘over the counter’ medication) whilst engaged in the Company business of commercial, industrial or residential scaffolding projects.
  • Employees (and other persons as defined above) taking prescription or ‘over the counter’ medication, which may affect performance at work, must notify their Manager/Supervisor.
  • The Company reserves the right to require employees (and other persons as defined above) to undergo drug and alcohol screening tests in line with this policy. Failure or refusal to take any such test will render an employee subject to disciplinary action or, in the case of others, lead to exclusion from Company operations.
  • We encourage all personnel to adopt and maintain a culture of sensible and responsible consumption of alcohol when attending social events organised by the Company, customers or suppliers, and also privately if they represent us in any other way 


In the context of this policy, the following definitions apply: 

Substance – Alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, ‘over the counter’ medication, solvents or any other substance that when used can affect an individual’s perception/actions. 

Abuse – The use of illegal drugs and the deliberate misuse of prescribed drugs, ‘over the counter’ medication or other substances such as solvents and alcohol.

Pre-Employment Testing – Testing of new employees, sub-contractors, or relevant third parties (other persons), undertaken prior to work commencing. 

For Cause Testing – Testing to identify whether or not drugs or alcohol are present in an employee’s system (or other persons as defined above) where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the fitness of that person is likely to compromise the safety of themselves or others. 

Post-Incident Testing – Testing following an accident/incident. 

Random Testing – A process used to select donors’ names in a way so that no specific pattern, plan or connection determines the resulting selection of individuals chosen for testing. Random testing shall be unannounced. 

The Directors and Senior Managers of the Company will ensure through positive leadership, active participation and encouragement that employees and others are motivated towards compliance with this policy and a safe working environment for all aligned with our company-wide health and safety protocols.