10 Jobs That Require Scaffold Hire

10 Jobs Requiring Scaffolding Hire

There are many jobs that require scaffold hire and many industries are reliant on the work that we do. It’s true that in day-to-day life scaffolding can easily be overlooked. But when you consider its varied uses you start to notice that much of our modern world has been reliant on scaffolding structures to build and maintain our cities and towns. In fact, the first use of scaffolding towers dates back as far as 17,000 years ago. It was even used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to aid in the building of their iconic empires, remnants of which still stand today. Although historic scaffolding was made from wood, the purpose of these structures provide the same solution as they do today. Creating temporary structures that allow workers to work at height on a stable platform.

We’ve come a long way and our modern-day scaffolding is much safer and allows for more advanced building techniques. But the requirements remain the same and allow us to facilitate construction in a broad range of industries. Here are some of the ways that scaffolding is used today.

Jobs Requiring Scaffold Hire


Edinburgh is a city with wonderful architecture and many of those buildings are listed. Therefore they need to be protected and maintained so they can be enjoyed by the public for years to come. A vast majority of commercial and residential properties are old tenement buildings. Located in places such as Morningside, Gorgie, and Stockbridge to name a few. This type of work requires roofing companies to work alongside experienced Edinburgh scaffolding companies. Allowing them to reach those hard-to-access areas with ease. Whether that be small hop-up scaffolding or a large commercial scaffold tower, AMF Access Services provide the resources needed allowing the work to be carried out safely and efficiently.


Due to the age of the architecture within Edinburgh and most of these buildings being made of sandstone, they need to be maintained. Sandstone tends to erode over time and so Stonemasons within the Edinburgh region also use Edinburgh Scaffolding services regularly. So that they can ensure that the buildings that stand within the beautiful city of Edinburgh can be maintained for future generations. AMF collaborates often on both commercial and residential scaffolding to assist in this process. At AMF we are extremely proud to be from Edinburgh and want to play our role in maintaining our city’s architecture.

Building Repairs

One of the most common scaffolding projects we work on is building repairs in Edinburgh and central Scotland. Our cities have many old buildings in need of care and attention. Therefore scaffolding is used to allow access to carry out tasks such as roofing repairs, gutter cleaning and maintenance services. Often these types of repairs are also carried out on modern commercial buildings like offices, hospitals and schools. As well as residential buildings like apartment blocks and houses.

Roofing Jobs That Require Scaffold Hire


Scaffold hire is also used in building renovations, extensions and conversions. For example, we may be required to install scaffolding for loft conversion on a residential project. Providing construction workers with a safe place to work while sections of the roof are being removed or steel frames are being added to the existing building. Scaffolding can help in these types of jobs by simplifying access for workers which can often mean that work is carried out much more quickly.

Building Inspections

Scaffolding is not only required for the construction and maintenance of buildings but also for building inspection services. Scaffold hire allows surveyors and engineers to carry out important safety checks during the course of a build. As well as ensuring historic buildings are safe and do not pose any risks to the general public. Likewise, our scaffolding services undergo the same considerations. Rigorous health and safety measures are carried out to ensure that both our own team and the workers who use our scaffolding are kept safe at all times.

Window Cleaning

In commercial industries, window cleaners can rely on scaffolding to provide access allowing them to carry out their work in instances where normal methods aren’t possible. In large cities with shopping centres, hotels and office blocks window cleaners’ work can become more challenging and pose larger risks. Commercial scaffolding offers a solution providing safe structures for this type of work to be carried out with ease. While significantly reducing the level of risk for the workers who carry out these tasks.

Painting & Decorating

Painters and decorators commonly use scaffolding for their work, not only when painting hard-to-access areas like ceilings internally but also when carrying out large external painting tasks like walls, window frames and facades. For internal work, a small hop-up platform can sometimes be enough to get the job done. Allowing decorators to have paint and other tools within easy reach can speed up the time taken to complete the work. While larger external painting jobs require more complex scaffold towers to ensure a safe working environment for tradesmen when working on-site.

Property Maintenance That Require Scaffold Hire in Edinburgh

Production Industries

Many production industries require the use of scaffolding and we regularly provide scaffold hire for industrial environments. These often have large equipment that needs to be maintained or accessed via externally built structures. Some production industry jobs that require scaffold hire include refinery and petrochemical industries. These processing plants require the use of large storage tanks as well as tall chimneys and extensive warehouse systems. There are many areas where scaffolding is required for the maintenance of these as well as the day-to-day operations that require scaffolding. Industrial settings can be dangerous and pose high risks due to the hydrocarbon that they produce. So it’s imperative that health and safety from the scaffolding service provider is at the heart of the operation.

Marine Construction

Scaffolding is often considered a normal part of building construction, however, a lesser-known use of scaffolding is within the field of marine construction. Ships require the installation of scaffolding for these (sometimes giant) floating structures to be built safely while allowing the necessary access to builders and other trades.

Music, Film & Theatre

A lesser-known area where scaffolding is integral is the music, film production and theatre industries. Here scaffolding is not only required for the construction of large sets, but also for filming and lighting installations. In these settings, scaffolding is used to rig equipment like cameras and lighting. Consider large music festivals and concerts where open-air venues are transformed for the event. Much of this is achieved through scaffolding techniques that build temporary platforms like stages for acts to perform.

Scaffold Hire in Edinburgh & Central Scotland

As we’ve demonstrated, scaffolding is a construction method that’s required in a diverse range of industries and settings. Providing a resource that allows workers to carry out their jobs safely and effectively. We provide many scaffolding services to a variety of industries. When hiring a company to install scaffolding it’s important to consider the health and safety procedures they follow. As well as their safety accreditations within the industry. Here at AMF, we have over 10 years of experience working on industrial projects within the oil and gas industry. Our team are trained on the most up-to-date health and safety standards and we aim to provide professionalism, efficiency, and reliability within every project.

To discuss your scaffolding requirements please contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you and arrange a free consultation.