Queensferry Street & Shandwick Place

Scaffolding to Provide Access for Remedial Window, Stone and Roof Works

Another collaborative project with Apex Roofing contracts. We have completed two of the three phases of the task with a rear-side scaffold on Queesnferry St Lane in Edinburgh.

This has been erected to allow access to windows for refurbishment but also to enable the AMF scaffolding team to take materials through a window, into the building and out another window onto the flat roof. Allowing us access to the rear side of the buildings on Shandwick place.

Apex Roofing Contracts

The second phase of this residential scaffolding was erected on the rear side of this building to access remedial roof works. We shall return shortly to complete phase three of the task in the third week of Feb to erect a further 210sqm on the front elevation of Shandwick Place.

Due to its location, the team must start earlier on the day to unload the trucks and remove them from the site to ensure that the Tramway/bus lanes remain clear for the public to traverse around the city without delay.

Health & safety are paramount in all tasks however in high-density areas such as this extra care and attention are needed. 20-second scans, stop the job, and slowing the task down when required ensures that it is completed safely.

Work Started in January 2024

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