Milburn Court
Retirement Home

Exciting project in the heart of Perth with our collaborative partner Newtown Roofing

Prior to the execution of the task several presentations were rolled out to the retirement home residents to ensure that any questions that they had were answered and to provide them with insight as to how this large scale commercial scaffolding project would be handled. 

With any project of this nature It is extremely important to factor in the concerns off those who will be living in the building within the vicinity of the scaffold. As well as the needs of the contractor, in this case Newtown Roofing. Through these discussions we tabled our thoughts and provided a detailed plan on how we intended to achieve the scope of work. 

Our aim in this project was to firstly complete it safely but also efficiently with as little disruption to the residents. 

New Town Roofing

All of the material was delivered over a period of three days. We didn’t want an exuberant volume of materials lying in the parking lot taking up valuable space from the residents. A total of nearly 3000sqm of scaffold including bin shoots, netting, loading bays and staircase was erected in less than a week with our team staying in hotels to maximise their rest periods between work and drive efficiency through less travel.

The scaffolding was successfully installed with no accidents or incidents. We look forward to providing Newtown Roofing further support on many more projects in the future. 

Work completed March 2024

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